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Furniture & Art

Furniture and art is designed and made for sale and to order, as well as taking on bespoke commissions. Whether its a new idea, an adaptation of an existing design or a piece to fit an awkward space, I can work with your ideas to deliver a solution.


Detailed drawings are provided to visualize the design and capture all your requirements, be they technical, operational or aesthetic. Thoughtful consideration is given to material choices and construction methods. All materials and wood species have individual characteristics which lend themselves to a solution more than others. Similarly different construction methods and joinery offer a variety of solutions to the trade off between suitability and cost.

The art on display is primarily marquetry, a centuries old technique of cutting and applying pieces of veneer to a substrate, creating decorative patters, designs or images. Marquetry can be incorporated into furniture as is more common or used to simply create a wall hung piece. 

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