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Carpentry & Renovations

As a red seal carpenter I have worked entirely in renovations of older homes for 10 years. In this time I've been a site lead on projects involving major structural changes and additions, encountered numerous problems that require creative solutions and overseen crew and sub-trades from start to finish. 


Building on these years of experience, I can confidently offer my services to new clients contemplating a renovation of their home, whether it be as simple as new millwork to freshen up a space or a new kitchen that requires a structural change to the building, I can provide detailed estimates and honest opinions on the work involved. 


My background in cabinet making prior to carpentry gives me an appreciation for the importance of attention to detail at all stages of a build. I give the utmost diligence to every step in the process to ensure the desired finished product is realized.

As a one man operation I can keep overheads to a minimum, providing design services that are practical to build. I am happy to be involved at any stage of your construction timeline and take on everything from structural changes to minor repairs. 

Caledonia Silva carriers commercial liability insurance.

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